Court gives notification to Poland of case concerning judicial reform

The case concerns judicial reform in Poland, which resulted in the mandate of a Supreme Administrative Court Judge elected to the National Council of the Judiciary being terminated before the end of its four-year term.

Russia: Court ruling on ‘LGBT’ human rights dispute

A refusal by Russia’s authorities to register three gay rights organisations was declared “unjustified and discriminatory,” under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Russia: Serious domestic abuse leads to €25,000 human rights award

The case concerned the applicant’s complaint that the Russian authorities had failed to protect her from repeated domestic violence, including assaults, kidnapping, stalking and threats.

Germany: Court rules against Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in intelligence service human rights dispute

The European court ruled today that the AfD failed to exhaust domestic remedies for its complaint against the German intelligence service.

Court: Austria did not fail in its duty to protect a son from his violent father

The case concerned the murder of the applicant Senay Kurt’s son by his father after previous allegations of domestic violence by the applicant against the father.